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Best Billiards & Arcade

Restaurant Billiards & Arcade in Aurora



A bar and grill in Aurora is not complete without billiards. If you’re looking for more fun while having the best BBQ in Aurora, then enjoy a game of billiards at Moe’s. Three coin operated 7’ Valley pool tables with 2 projection screens to watch all your sports. Try our BBQ wings in Aurora!


When you’re done bowling, check out our all-star arcade, an image of classic family fun and blissful nostalgia! Moe’s has the newest and hottest games, vintage games, and some of the best pinball on Colorado’s Front Range.


Demolition Man (Williams, 1994)
Battle Simon Phoenix as you demolish the game.  Grab onto the unique gun handle grips as you start 2 to 5 ball Multiball.
Fire! (Williams, 1987)
Put out the greatest fire in history!  Mrs O’Leary’s cow started the blaze and you have to put out the Great Chicago Fire!  Start Multiball and put out the flames to score 1 Million.
Indiana Jones (Stern, 2008)
Start your adventure as you return the Crystal Skull, find the Holy Grail, save the Sankara Stones, and open the Arc to start 8-ball Multiball.  Put up the high score for Fortune and Glory, kid. Fortune and Glory.
Jack*Bot (Williams, 1995)
The sequel to the classic PinBot.  Open the visor, lock the balls, and start Multiball to bring the robot to life.
Revenge From Mars (Bally, 1999)
The next evolution of pinball.  The game combines classic playfield components with holographic video for an immersive pinball experience.  Destroy the mothership to stop the Martian Invasion and save the earth!
Tron (Stern, 2011)
Battle as Sam Flynn on the Grid against Clu and Rinzler.  Ride the ramps to start Light Cycle Multiball or open the disc to start the Disc War.


Area 51 Site 4 (Atari)
Aliens have invaded and you will have to make your way through the notorious Area 51.
Big Buck Hunter Pro (Raw Thrills)
Hunt Elk, Moose, Deer, Big Horn Sheep, and Antelope as you embark on a great adventure.
Crusin’ World (Midway)
Tour the world on over 4 continents as you race you way through Japan, Australia, Africa, and more.
Donkey Kong (Nintendo)
Donkey Kong is the game that started the Nintendo Empire.  Play as Mario in his first ever game and save the princess as you avoid the barrels.
Donkey Kong Jr (Nintendo)
Help Donkey Kong Jr save his father from Mario who has taken him hostage.
Frogger (Sega)
Galaga (Midway)
Shoot and dodge the aliens and beat wave after wave.
Ms Pac-Man (Midway)
The one and only Ms. Pac-Man chomps her way through dots and ghosts as she works her way through maze after maze.
Off Road Challenge (x2) (Midway – Linked)
Race your friends on a dozen tracks.  Ride on the bumpy terrain as you boost yourself to victory.
Police Trainer (P&P Marketing)
Shoot your way to the top as you become the best of the best.
San Francisco Rush 2049 (x2) (Atari – Linked)
Drive into the future with your friends and hit the streets of San Francisco where hidden gold coins await you.  Unlock the underground secrets and rewards!
Star Trek Voyager (Team Play)
Engage the Borg as you save the crew of the USS Voyager.  Beam me up!
Street Fighter II Championship Edition (Capcom)
Compete against your friends to become the Street Fighter Champion.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Konami)
Cowabunga Dude!  Play as you favorite turtle as you defeat the Shredder.
The Fast and The Furious Drift (x2) (Raw Thrills – Linked)
Become a major competitor in the world of drift racing.  Sup up your car and race against the best drifters in the world.